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Skål International is an Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals that encourages and creates a network of contacts around the world.
It is the only international body uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry .


Obtain great benefits belonging to the largest professional network in the sector.

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Skålleagues on the Gold Coast are ready to welcome you, help you connect, and showcase their best experiences. Discover local hospitality, attractions, social events, unique explorations, and a true Skål welcome whenever you visit members on the Gold Coast, Australia's holiday capital.

Skål International in numbers

12165 Members

More than 12,000 travel and tourism professionals connected globally.

317 Clubs

More than 300 clubs around the world.

103 Countries

Clubs and members of more than 100 countries.

30 Members

Join more than 25 local members in the Skål International Gold Coast network.

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Skål International Club of the Year 2021

Skål International Gold Coast was awarded Skål International Club of the Year 2021.

Recognised for their exceptional membership growth and retention during the COVID pandemic, for their generous support and fundraising for local charities and appeals and their continued efforts promoting the values of Skål International.

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Welcome to Skål International Gold Coast

SKÅL International Gold Coast is 40 years young. We have a wealth of industry knowledge that has been gifted to us by the longevity of our core members, some of whom, are founding members 40 years ago. These tireless industry professionals are still on hand for all of us coming afterwards to draw out their enormous generosity in providing guidance and leadership.

Our core values include:  Creating innovation and inspiration in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. We are about sharing experience and knowledge with each other. We call on everyone to be enthusiastic and passionate and to always be professional. 

Our Purpose Is to promote SKÅL International Gold Coast and Membership to our Club.  We want to ask questions and find out what you want out of SKAL International Gold Coast.  We acknowledge that we need to provide leading industry speakers that are relevant to our members. We are focused on finding out how we can deliver purpose to your membership and therefore we always ask and appreciate your feedback about how we can best support your tourism and hospitality business.  

My three personal quotes that I have based my life around are:
“If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well”
“You can’t do better until you know better”
“The more I give the more I receive”

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the blessing that I have received by having the opportunity to work with five of the most talented people in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry that I know. Therefore, I thank my Committee for coming on this journey with me. NIKE! "We are already victorious".

Michael Cross
President,  SKÅL International Gold Coast 489